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When it comes to designing and promoting your identity over the Web, bringing in online traffic, basically – building a positive online presence of your business, then WATERKANT is the name to believe in.

Design or re-design your website to accommodate for more functionality. We support and assist you with contemporary web design.

your website in 3 steps

web design Cape Town Layout
 web design Cape Town content
 web design Cape Town details

design layout

generate content

adjust details

You define your own ideas.

We create out of it a draft - the web design.

 web design Cape Town design

The layout contains:

- format of the website (fullscreen, classic, customized)
- design of text and images to one another
- color spectrum
- font in style and size

design layout

Together we design the layout until it matches your ideas and the requirements of the internet in general.

You send us your logo, your images and your text content for the website.

We process images and texts for the display on the internet.

web design Cape Town Homepage

We use professional software like Photoshop or commercial tools for SEO.

Additional we add a contact form, direction, link management and sitemap.

generate content

Your new website is now available exclusive for you.

Every details will be tested from us and you.

web design Cape Town  South Africa

Were all texts written correctly?
Do all the used images fit to the web design?
Does the contact form work?

You authorize the release of the website.

adjust details

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Here comes the description text.

Webdesign Cape Town Webseite

We publish the website on the internet.

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