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JomRes - Booking System

Jomres is the unrivalled leader of the Joomla booking applications, offering more power and functionality than any other system in it's class. Designed primarily for taking bookings for hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, cottages and villas, Jomres can be used for taking reservations for anything that is booked by the day. Jomres is a true real time booking system. Most configuration options are specific to each property, including language, and utilises many features unique to Jomres.

Why use an online booking system?
Currently in the travel and tourism market the demand is growing for affordable accommodation. This is due to numerous factors. One is the fact that travel costs to South Africa are becoming a major part of the tourists travel budget to South Africa.

Many tourists also prefer the more flexible self-arranged tours these days and the growth in the small group self arranged tourism market is well known. The one draw back is that these tourists have to book their flights and their accommodation by themselves. Before the growth of the Internet this use to be extremely difficult.
Today the only main problems for tourists from abroad is that they normally only have 24 hours to ensure that their travel and accommodation requests are 100% confirmed.

Very often travelers become extremely frustrated as they land up waiting for numerous homeowners to respond to their requests for information or accommodation only to find out that they are already booked. By this time, tourists very often have to re-do their flights and start the process all over!

Most other accommodation websites offers you an attractive website, with pictures, prices, and contact information. We see this as “window” shopping after hours.
(You look at a lovely display, but it is closed for business as there is nobody around to check the stock, give you your item - your confirmed holiday booking - and take the money)

Our Web Sites offer powerful database system that will enable potential clients to search for only the available accommodation and THEN to book this accommodation and to pay for it online in a matter of 5 minutes.
» Online booking system. Jomres enables you to sell bookings/reservations at low cost via the Internet.
» A standard install of Jomres includes a paypal gateway so that you can start charging for bookings immediately via Paypal, and 16 more gateways supplied and supported by OSDCS.
» Unlimited number of properties and rooms.
» Under development for over 4 years. Woollyinwales IT is no fly-by-night operation. We are here and here to stay.
» Active and energetic support.
» Remote API for server to server communications.
» Built to be CMS agnostic. Whilst Joomla is the default, it can be modified to work on other CMSs.
» Ideal for anything that's rented by the day. Whilst mainly targetted at property rentals, Jomres has also been used for car rentals, boats, equipment hire and billboards.
» Invoice handling.
» Custom Booking form fields.
» Global Room types and property features.
» Highly configurable search modules.
» Commission and subscription handling available by default.
» All plugins, be they modules, mambots or internal plugins are supplied via the backend plugin system. No need to hunt for the most up to date version of a plugin, just use the one click install/reinstall/upgrade functionality (CURL must be enabled). All core plugins are free.
» SMS integration with Clickatel.
» Template editing via the administrator's area.
» Allow users to register their own propertys.
» More configuration options than we've ever counted!
» AJAX booking form. Calculates room/property availability and pricing according to the requirements of the customer, right there and then.
» Templating system used throughout. Customise Jomres to look how you want it to look.
» Full multi-language support. Use the built in editing functionality to customise the language text for each and every property on the system.
» Extensive wiki detailing Jomres' many features.
» Guests receive instant confirmation of their reservation, without having to wait for you to answer their availability and pricing emails.
» Multiple properties, multiple users. Tight control of which propertys a Property Manager can administer, IE they can only view and control bookings, tariffs and guests that are associated with their own propertys.
» Property management is provided at the front end, no need to give non-admin's access to sensitive areas of your server.
» Upload slideshow, room and property images.
» Rent out both rooms in propertys or the propertys themselves.
» Comprehensive tariff system, allowing us to give you the best possible chance of mirroring your client's existing tariff model. The powerful and flexible tariff system offers three different methods of controlling prices for your property(s).
» Google maps integration.
» Adaptive discounts (Wiseprice). Can dynamically discount room prices if N number of rooms of X type are available and the booking is within N days from today.
» Coupons enable you to offer discounts via newsletter to encourage customer loyalty.

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