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2013 predictions

The average web page will hit 2MB, Android will pull ahead of iOS for good, and your smartphone will get infected with a virus.

It wouldn’t be December without a batch of audacious predictions for the new year. Assuming we all survive past December 21st, here’s what I think 2013 will hold for site owners, mobile users, CIOs/CTOs, RUM vendors, and the browser wars.

1. The average web page is going to hit 2MB.
A year ago, I predicted that the average web page would hit 1MB in 2012, which it did in May. Today, the average page is 1280KB. In a post I wrote last month, I predicted that, at the current rate of growth, typical page size would hit 2MB in early 2014. I’m upgrading that prediction to the end of 2013. Call it a hunch. This has massive implications for site owners in terms of bandwidth, but mobile users will be hardest hit, from both a usability perspective and a throttling/data cap perspective.

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Test Network and Internet Latency (timeouts) in Microsoft Windows

Have you just connected a Windows PC to a network or the Internet? Want to know the easiest way to check connectivity? Both the "ping" and "tracert" commands will help you measure latency, also known as "lag." Follow these steps to test your internet latency.

Go to Start > Run and type cmd. You can also search for cmd.exe in the Windows Search function.
Press OK to launch Windows Command. This is the default command-line interface for Windows.

Test the loop-back address.
Type ping (it is the same for every computer, so you do not need to change this). This will test your computer's network chip, not your modem, router, or Internet connection.
Press Enter to begin pinging.
Place -t at the end of the command to perform continuous testing.
To exit continuous testing, press Ctrl+C.

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5 reasons why your business should use SEO

5 reasons why your business should use SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is an investment that no business can ignore. If you use search engine optimization correctly, you can make sure that your business gets high rankings on search engines, attracts the right customers and makes more money.


SEO reasons

Reason 1: SEO offers access to billions of dollars
Your customers use the Internet to research purchases. Online shoppers are spending billions of dollars. Your website has to be discovered by these people. SEO makes sure that online shoppers find your website and not the websites of your competitors.

Reason 2: SEO helps you to get new customers
86% of in-store buyers conduct online searches before purchasing. 80% rely on this information to make a decision. Search engine optimization helps you to get these customers.

Reason 3: SEO has a high conversion rate
SEO enables you to tailor your website to the needs of your customers. If your SEO activities target the right customers with the right keywords in the right buying cycle, your sales will increase dramatically. Modern SEO tools can help you to find the best keywords for your business.

Reason 4: SEO helps you to understand your website visitors
Some websites don't make money although they serve a huge market. By creating and tracking targeted landing pages that focus on different issues and problems, you can find the issues that are most important to your customers.

Reason 5: SEO is cost effective
The good thing about an SEO campaign is that it doesn't stop as soon as you stop paying (AdWords). An SEO campaign that uses white-hat SEO methods will offer lasting results that lead to a steady flow of new customers to your website.

Search engine optimization is an important investment in the future of your business. With the right tools, you can manage your SEO activities as efficiently as possible. IBP is a proven SEO tool that will help you to get the best possible results as quickly as possible.

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Peugeot Uses Joomla

Peugeot Uses Joomla

Peugeot is one of the most famous car brands in Europe.

Peugeot can trace their company history back to 1810, eighty years before they even started making cars. Peugeot is now part of the Peugeot Citroën group, the second largest carmaker based in Europe.

Well, also runs on Joomla and they are pushing design boundaries. Check out their beautiful, multi-lingual site.

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Leonardo Di Caprio uses Joomla

Leonardo Di Caprio uses Joomla

Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the most famous actors in the world.

He has shown the ability to choose great roles, starring in movies from Inception and Gangs of New York to Titanic and Catch Me if You Can.

It seems he can also choose great software. His new site runs Joomla. This is a particularly interesting site in its design and its navigation.




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